Benazir Bhutto and Iulia Agrippina

(according our not patriarchal storiography)

leading the Fate of her people

staying there or moving elsewhere

(in this life and beyond)

Agrippina Augusta (AA)

High Priestess of Roman State

(BB) Omnium Feminarum Formosissima

(Petronius' Triphaena)

Commentarii Agrippinae

After the long exile

(her eyes never left home)


First Act:

Pietas at Father's Tomb


in a permanent menace of death

Like a real Roman

serving Benazir Augusta


Nothing to add


Beloved by an entire people

Leading the Fate of her people


Dear Salvatore Conte:
Thank you very much for your supporting letter.
People everywhere have an unquestionable desire

for democracy, for control over their lives,

for a chance to build a better life for their children.

These are the dreams of the Pakistani people.
I once again thank you for writing to me

at this perilious time in my country's history

where we stand between

the forces of freedom and the forces of dictatorship.
Ms. Benazir Bhutto

Our devotion is for You who are also our leader

S.C. and the Friends of Elissa


our love for you will never die

please, in your eternal life,

protect everywhere your sons

to the man (iBis) who ordered this impiety:

cadat ante diem mediaque inhumatus harena

Virgil, (A)En. 4.620

plenius ingenio sit miser ille meo

Ovid, Ibis 1-(90)-642

What Ibis is: read it

Why Ovid did write it 2.000 years ago:

you can understand it only today

My last letter (in this life)


Dear Ms. President Bhutto,

thank you so much for your touching message.
It was an emotion to receive your words and I have shared them with the Friends of Elissa.
In Europe it's almost impossible to receive a message from our Istitutions:

most of them are false democracies.
We believe in one universal Community, made by qualified leaders,

sharing the eternal values of Humanity and Human Kind.
By this point of view, we feel your fight is the same fight of ourselves

and we feel you are our leader even if we don't live in Pakistan.
My first apprehension is for your safety.

I know this fight is against evil forces with no dignity.

I pray you to be prudent and to preserve your precious life of brave and fair woman-leader.
Please don't expose your life if not strictly necessary for the Fate of your people.
I greatly admire the Pakistan men which are active in your protection, risking their own lifes:

it's an ancient duty, the most important for a loyal man.

Thank you again for your words,
and with our deferences,

Salvatore Conte

the Camellias of Benazir

delicate evidences of Her neverending Love for Her People

each year they flower again until Water and Love are around them

(from the Garden of Elissa Conte in Rome

but Pakistan ground since today)

A Benazir da Loredana

Chi non piange la madre,

chi non piange la moglie,

chi parla con occhio asciutto

quando il corpo della madre o della moglie ancora caldo,

non solo costui non pu governare lo Stato

ma deve temere il giorno della propria morte.





Agrippina landing with the Ashes of Germanicus

L - Benjamin West, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, US

R - William Turner, Tate Gallery, London, UK

L'omicidio di Benazir Bhutto

un fatto storico


Anche questo BBleak in odore di elite sembra dimostrarlo:

Is Bhutto really dead? Probably not. Details in the Washington Post 28 Dec 2007 both suggest that she isn't, and, outlining her ties to 'players' on the international scene [Harvard and Oxford for example], tell a compelling story of people - some well intended - seeking to surmount obstacles in fostering societal change in Pakistan. And heaven knows the foreigners aren't hard workers but labor in 'think tanks' rewarding the clever and smooth; here they took the easy way out.
'Cutting and running' - the politics of an elementary school playground, thankfully ducking around the bullies to make it home from school safe. 'Voices of reason.' Though the crowd looks supportive and apparently willing to work for change, the 'top people' want the change to be arbitrary and imposed [diapers on goats? Yes - there is a CIA presence in the tribal areas and 'diapers on goats' was a particular incident designed to assert situational dominance].
As for the details in The Post, Bhutto had completed the rally speech and was departing in an SUV when she apparently 'on her own' decided to pull the 'top cover' or temporary roof off the SUV, at which point she promptly got hit in a 'combined' or unified terrorist attack featuring both guns and bombs. Depending on her to pull the top off her vehicle makes it no better than coincidence, and her being in the SUV additionally argues she isn't dead. When they took down Sadat they didn't leave it to chance. It has been said that assassins usually work from very close quarters or far away - there aren't many from the 'middle' distances.
Unfortunately, all manipulation serves to legitimize the military government. He isn't himself a coward, he wants to do the right thing for Pakistan, and, left to their own devices, in the face of one 'necessary death' the military would not stay the sword. Remember, one hundred and forty poor people really did die when her convoy was bombed on her initial return from Dubai. Now the CIA is tentatively unifying a newly emergent middle class with street activity. In fact they're creating this middle class as they go along, but this middle class will inevitably be the most bought of the bought. They're all lawyers. Musharraf has rarely looked so good.
Hate to say it, but the Clintons - both of them, working as a team - brought the guy to power in 1999, and they aren't through with Musharraf yet. Hillary in Iowa trying to leverage the 'incident' [can't call it a 'death' or even an 'attack'] obviously won't claim this as evidence of her experience - but it is.
Anticipate their trying to smear people foreign and domestic, labeling 'enemies' or anyway people they don't like with negative associations. Now they're saying Ron Paul takes money from white supremacy or Aryan groups. Worse than the Clintons taking money from Chinese military figures or Al Gore picking up cash in the [Buddhist] temple? Was that in California? And did it permanently taint them? Well as a matter of fact it did in some quarters - dealing with the Chinese military turns out to have been one aspect of the CIA attack on American manufacturing [selling them advanced machining equipment for airplanes] the Clintons never completely recovered from. That book about the Clintons is titled Year of the Rat.
Bhutto Ron Paul? But the real thing and not a gesture? A man named Daniel Estulin has sources in the intelligence community that say an assassination attempt targeting Ron Paul may be in the early planning stages. Estulin is said to be close to the Bilderberg structures.
Sure its something on the web. Because they told him to put it on the web. Estulin - or his sources - suggest the planning is in 'concept development'.
How likely is that? Well, if the talk originated after one of the days the Ron Paul campaign raised big cash via very minimally solicited internet donations, the possibility a credible planning effort exists probably falls somewhere between 'plausible' and 'more likely than not.'
Estulin - and presumably his sources - being close to the Bilderberg group doesn't mean its them. Of course the Bilderberg 'group' denies it as they deny all 'conspiracy' scenarios - though nobody even knows the name they really use among themselves but identifies the group by the name of the hotel where they met in 1954. Late May 1954, after Eisenhower met with the aliens in February 1954.
Pictured. THE infamous Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek. 146 rooms, and legend has it they book ALL the rooms in whichever hotel, whenever and wherever they meet.
Of course you would never find Hillary Clinton's fingerprints on a Bhutto job taking out Ron Paul, but she is suppose to be one of them. She's also suppose to be high in Masonry but the men in the Blue Lodges which aren't part of the 'inner clique' would be very genuine in denying it. It figures the only time Hillary Clinton has a low profile is when its a covert operation and they're doing something sneaky. Her latest new slogan in Iowa is 'Time To Pick a President.' Isn't that the old John Kerry slogan as a retread from 2004?
If you want to take from Kerry, be sure to take the whole thing. True story; Terry Reed raised exactly this issue but centered on Clinton drug dealing in Arkansas, with Hillary laundering the cash and reporting to William Barr.
...During their investigation of Noriega, Kerry's staff found reason to believe that the Pakistan-based Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) had facilitated Noriega's drug trafficking and money laundering. This led to a separate inquiry into BCCI, and as a result, banking regulators shut down BCCI in 1991. In December 1992, Kerry and Senator Hank Brown, a Republican from Colorado, released The BCCI Affair, a report on the BCCI scandal. The report showed that the bank was crooked and was working with terrorists, including Abu Nidal. It blasted the Department of Justice, the Department of the Treasury, the Customs Service, the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as influential lobbyists and the CIA.
Kerry was criticized by some Democrats for having pursued his own party members, including former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, although Republicans said he should have pressed against some Democrats even harder. The BCCI scandal was later turned over to the Manhattan District Attorney's office [Wikipedia].
They probably were forced to release the report in 1992 to shield Clinton [Bill]. Whether Hillary ever had to contact Clifford for funds at BCCI isn't clear, but the point brings us nicely back to Bhutto and Ron Paul. One dead in Rawalpindi with rioting in Karachi, and the other raising unbelievable cash over the internet - revealing the real 'distress of the system' which is perhaps nearly as dangerous.
Tony Blair makes the Queen take the liberal Rowan Williams, the public homosexual Gene Robinson, and the 'billboard for women in the clergy' Katharine Jefferts Schori - and then he leaves the Church to become a Catholic. He cripples the Church of England and walks, which Rowan Williams applauds [who is paying that man's salary, and is there nothing to be done about it?], and Bhutto got taken out.

Peter Joseph Bis