Virgil's Dido

Which one is the Aeneid Dido ?

And which one is the Virgil's Dido ?

La Didone di Ottaviano     La Didone di Virgilio

L'Eneide     La Didoide

«Artis est celare artem»

   point de rupture*  -  IV   VI  -  point pas de retour



«Sidonia Dido»

*brilliant expression by Lavinie M.

Eneide Libro VI = IV Libro Didoide

«Ingratum si dixerit, omnia dicis»

"Virgil demonstrates that Aeneas is a cold-blooded killer on and off the battlefield /

/ Virgil explains the torture Aeneas has brought upon Dido /

/ Aeneas’ killing of Dido was necessary for Aeneas

to see what Virgil wanted to demonstrate to his patron, Augustus... /

/ Dido’s death, Virgil makes clear to those who did not recognize it in Book IV,

was not a suicide, but the doing of Aeneas".

De Vasquez, Dido's Murder

"...Hence the hypothesis that he (Virgil) used in his works a system of double language,

under which cover he could preserve his freedom of speech without bringing immediate punishment upon himself /

/ Proceding step by step, one discovers that other poets, Horace, Tibullus, Propertius, Ovid,

express under the same cover the same hostility against Augustus and his Regime.

Naturally, the emperor largely penetrated their subtext,

but he tolerated it probably by amusement as well as by calculation.

The important thing was that these influential writers seemed to support him;

what they really said did not really matter

as long as he controlled the situation and could destroy them at any moment.

He liked to take his time and repeated at every turn: festina lente".

Maleuvre, Virgil's Murder

Would you represent Virgil as a mosquito to celebrate him?

Well, you're wrong: a powerful Emperor did it.

Two sides of the same (Augustus) coin:

Culex: the Emperor's anger

Maximus Vates: the real Eagle of Rome

The real Eagle of Rome snatches the imperial snake

To know more, consult:

"VirgilMurder", A coin speaks: M. Durmius' denarius

"VirgilMurder" by QueenDido.org: An imperial snake (Ov. Met. 3. 131-137)

M. Durmius’ Aureus

At first

a fair punishment,

Andrea Mantegna - Dido

What are those

"two fair vests,

of wondrous work and cost,
of purple woven,

and with gold emboss'd,
which with her hands
Sidonian Dido wrought"?


an unfair suicide,

Did we really read 11.72/75?

then again

a pitiless murder.

And now,

are we quite sure

Virgil's Dido is dead?

Virgil's Double Writing:
do we see by our eyes
do we see
by Aeneas' eyes?

check here
Virgil does

Two sides of the same (Virgil) coin:

Virgil, Maximus VatesDido, Optima Regina

: the Dido Project :

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