and the return of Women

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) is an American Master of literature.
He has created an original Universe based on a smart adaptation of classical myths to modern times, showing to be more a good scholar than a good writer.
In short, even if his tales have a poor literary form, obsessive lack of female characters and feeble story plots, his Universe of myths, monsters, nightmares and desolate humanity is the most remarkable effort of American literature, together Edgar Allan Poe one.
This webapge does wish to enrich the Lovecraft Universe through the unexplored Feminine power.
The Great Old Ones are rising!
But new heroines are now helping Humankind to discover and to understand its very ancient origins...
Welcome inside New Cthulhu Mythos...!

The artistic boardgame "Arkham Horror" (2005) does represent one great (passed) attempt to enrich the Lovecraft Universe, respecting the general vision of the Author.
Since the fall of traditional and modern fine arts: literature, theatre, architecture, painting, cinema, etc., the transnational boardgames community is representing a new form of social shared creative art, where at least literature and painting find new ideas and talents.
It's an important new trend that has not to be undervalued.
Fine arts always find new roads, new ways, new authors.
Even scientific researchers have given a special contribute: an ad hoc software (called "Strange Eons", by Christopher G. Jennings) for the customized creation of new elements and characters of the game.

Arkham Horror is the real Lovecraft Universe, still growing and enriched by Feminine power!


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